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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 22

Lots of little things.
1.Mowgli decided that I really needed to switch to maternity clothes. He likes sitting really really low and pressing down on the pelvis, so sitting on a chair can be a torture, with occasional kicks as though to say "Stop squishing me, ma". Now, a quick check online can tell you that there is no way you can squish a baby in your uterus nicely cushioned by the amniotic fluid. But still wary I make a call to my doc's office to be told by the receptionist to just come in instead of asking her to convey this long convoluted question to the doc. I go and am promptly sent back by my lovely OB with a re-assuring smile and great medical advice - Get maternity pants and a cushion for your back.

2. The incredible thing about a baby sitting really low is you can feel every movement. Often that results in spurts of uncontrollable giggles while at work :). When, I went in to the see the doc and the intern-assistant was trying to locate the heartbeat, I saved her a precious few minutes by pointing at the exact spot and saying "There.". She asked me "How did you know?" I said "I just do." It was a wonderful silly moment just because for that second I thought of Amma and Patti and how they just always know and it was for a brief second overwhelming.

3. Last night, Coolboy felt one of Mowgli's little kicks for the first time and was ecstatic. He also made it yesterday morning to our Ultrasound rendezvous with Mowgli. It was fun.

4. I have been torturing Mowgli's Chittis about what they are going to "make" for Mowgli. I have been discussing craft options with people and I received a beautiful hand made baby blanket and receiving blanket from a dear friend. Mowgli's chittis have now been put to task with Mowgli's R-chitappa jumping in the wagon and upping the game for all uncles-to-be :) !!!

Until next time, its a "bye-bye somersault" from the tummy world.


  • Oh its so good to read about little Mowgli. :). Enjoy the kicks Ragini..

    By Blogger Manali, at 3:50 PM  

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