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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tick Tock

I. Stop

Just learned to crawl, and Lo...
he is up, he is running
No get, No set, Just Go..

He puts his little hand,
out to the speeding car
and says "STOP".

He argues with the rain,
Racing time to grow.
All my heart wants is to say "No.

Stay where you are.
The way you are."
I put my hand out to him and say

II. Yesterday.

3 Eons ago.
No, that day it did not rain
It was a Strange autumn.
It was the day I tried.
I prayed,
I cried.
It was the day Innocence died.

III. Time.

An Instant.
A Moment.
Aaj, Abhi.


  • I loved the 2nd one.
    I think I know what you mean in that poem.
    Happy Diwali Babe !

    By Blogger Kau, at 9:03 PM  

  • Hey Ragini, It's been a while. How goes it in sunny San Diego?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 7:31 AM  

  • Yes.. its been forever ! In San Diego.. its always sunny :) and generally goes good :) ! Where are you anchored?

    By Blogger RagzZmatazZ, at 8:40 AM  

  • So that's were the sun is! I'm still @ the same place, working in NYC. Could use some of the sun's heat here. Meh, anchored is right. I can't seem to 'move'... Not that i'm even trying.
    Well, good to hear from you. Hope married life is treating u well. Keep writing.Bye and take care

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12:11 PM  

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