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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Why ?

The last 3 books I read were
The Lord of the Flies
Iran: An awakening

The first two written by authors who have a bleak view of the future. Who highlight the horrors that man is capable of. The books leave you scared. The Lord of the Flies in particular is chilling because it reminds you how cruel children can be. And as much as you want to wish it away, the truth is you cant. The first two are works of fiction set in a parallel world.

Now the third is quite interesting. Its a true life story of one woman who just refuses to give up hope. Amid all the censorship in Iran, she managed to tell her story to the world when the powers that be, tried every trick in the book to hush it up. Some of the horrors that she and her family and friends have had to endure make you tremble. But you have acknowledge that to beat the system sometimes you have to be part of it. I wonder if I was her, what I would have done. What choices would I have made?

At the end of all three books, you have to stop yourself and ask, Why? Why are humans like this?

I am now hooked to a show that completed its run on TV last year - BattleStar Galactica. After The Wire, this is the only show on TV that I credit as being extremely intelligent and brilliantly conceived and written. Humans have been forced into exile by Cylons - enemies of their own creation, who hence call themselves "Children of Humanity". As they are hunted across space, the last surviving few scout the universe in search of their destiny - a planet called earth. The story tells what happens to the 47-something-thousand last humans left in the universe? What plagues them? How do they organize themselves? What do they feel in this apocalyptic time about God? About each other? What is right ? What is fair? Who deserves to live?

We, humans, are imperfect beings who want to live in a perfect world. And we will kill, massacre, destroy each other over the exact details of "perfection". Paradoxically, our greatest instinct, basest instinct, is Survival.

So if today someone pointed a gun to earth's head asking for one good reason we should not be completely annihilated, can you think of one? One good reason Why ?


  • Because there is enough goodness on this planet to fill 2 universes.

    By Blogger Satish Bhat, at 9:26 AM  

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