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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monsoon on my Mind

When the dark clouds hover above tantalizingly, teasing, tempting, the air is pregnant with desires. The trees sway with the eastern breeze, and the heart soars at the touch of a drop of water.

Monsoon is on my mind. 9 Long years I have waited. Parched, Dry. I was born again this year with the rains.

Peacock Green. Lush Monsoon Green. Two exquisite hues that I carried in my heart for 9 years before I could feast my eyes on them.

There is something immensely joyous about the gray monsoon skies. Gray, a color that is associated with cold, snow, old age and all those dreary images. Not the dark monsoon skies though. Monsoon is life giving. It is warm. It is re-vitalizing. It is the essence for youth. It is powerful, benevolent, seductive, cruel, childlike, Godlike, exuberant, sorrowful, all at the same time. Srishti and Pralaya.

It is sunny, brown and 85F outside. I close my eyes. I have monsoon on my mind.


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