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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And so it is..

".. Just like you said it would be,
Life goes easy on me.....
Most of the time.."

It is amazing how shocked every year I am close to the end. I look back in amazement at how the year went by. I swear, all I did was take one deep breath and blink !

The last month has been turbulent. So many conflicting emotions in one little heart. But I survived. I have to. I don't have a choice.

All in all the year ends on an optimistic note. Really, from here on there is no way out other than up !

In a Nutshell:

: My best friend's wedding. Also the last "nutty" wedding. The shortest trip home I have ever made. I truly realized that I now have an additional home when I split my precious recharge time to spend a couple of days in Bangalore. A home I got through marriage. It is a strange feeling at first but one that I now happily rest my claim on.
: It rained so much in San Diego this year. The spring that followed was never more beautiful. Everything gloomy always transitions into something better.
: The tree outside my house. My silent neighbour. My mute witness. My companion on lonely evenings. I made a new friend.
: I will be 60 years old and my mother will treat me like I am her 6 year old baby. I don't want it any other way.
: Niagara Falls is sooo bloody Touristy.. but it is something. if I could be any other element, I would want to be water.
: I dance for no one but myself. I seek no appreciation and want no recognition. I dance because it truly makes me happy.
: I climbed half dome. Check mark on my life's to do list. Wasn't that much fun, no great views and wasn't pretty at all. All in all I was miserable by the time I was done. My list of "things to do before i die" needs some serious re-visiting. Things we imagine will be great often turn out disappointing simply because we don't quite know ourselves. Now I know one thing about me, I hate coming down steep slopes with a passion. Not worth.. Stress on knee is too high. Should have done it when I was younger ! Maybe.. I think..!:)
: I ran from home to the beach and back. 4.7 miles. Also ran from Del Mar beach to Solana beach. Sprained ankle after mile 2. Hobbled the way back. But these were my best two runs of the year.
: Managed to survive the stock market without much stress. The key to that is being poor enough to not give a damn. Don't own a home.. don't have much stocks either.
: Every time I read/saw anything related to the attacks in Bombay I cried. I would sit with tears staining my face as I read the news. I know now for a fact that I love the city much much more than I can ever express in words. The city is a living breathing entity that I have my equation with, and things I love and hate in equal measure about.Mine to praise and to condemn. But it is mine and I am fiercely possessive and defensive about it.
: The year is not over yet. There are still 24 hours. I am going to make the most of it. I am going to kick back, put my legs up and soak in the sun.

Bring it on 2009 ~


  • How about you click a picture of this tree and post it ? ..and I'll do the same on my blog ?
    Ive been friends with all the trees outside my windows .. always been lucky to have one .. what a blessed life !

    By Blogger Kau, at 1:48 AM  

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