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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have heard Ramesh Sir mention the word many times in class. I have always construed it as "practice" and put it away, smiling and saying "Haan Sir, Practice Karenge."
It is only today that I think I grasp the full meaning of it.

I have been emotional at many different music and dance performances. Tonight, I think was different. Watching your Guru dance is a sense of pride and joy by association. Then of course the performance itself being spectacular, it was overwhelming. What I felt there was sheer awe.

Sadhana - Not just muscle memory, not just stamina, not just control over the mind - adding soul to it. Sadhana, where you bring the body, mind and most importantly the soul together. The point, where you feel no stiffness in the leg, where the mind is not directing your body ( now torso, add the eye, dont forget the neck ), where there is only the Swara, the Laya, and the Soul. Sadhana - Pursuit of Perfection.

P.S: I will miss Sir and Apa a lot. Over the last year, I have seen more of them than I have seen of a lot of my good friends. I have learned a lot of things from them (some directly, a lot indirectly). Today I understood what Sir has been striving to drive into my thick head for the longest time. The most important lesson of all given the day before they leave back for India. Thank you.


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