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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Race !

Talk about inspiration. I outdid my best time on the treadmill today. 5Km in 29 minutes and about 22 seconds. I beat my personal best by 20 seconds !!!! Before you laugh, Phelps beat Cavic to create history (in more than one way) by 1/100th of a second.

What I love about it is that it was totally unintentional. I got on the tread mill just wanting to sweat my thoughts out and found myself in better shape than I expected. Pleasantly surprised and working on the train of thought that how I never push myself, I decided to race time. Nudged my will a little and egged my ego on. The faster that I run , the faster the race would be over! The workout would be done faster and I would have so many more minutes to enjoy something else that little more. My winnings were a whole 20 seconds. I am 20 seconds richer !

Last weekend, cool boy and I climbed Half Dome. Another race against time. Woke up at 4:30 am so that we could be at the trail head at day break. Given my ill-disposition to heat, if we didn't make it to the top before the sun made it to right above our heads, we would have either not made it to the top or been miserable as hell if we lost to the speed of the rising sun. We did make it to the top before noon. Every now and then coolboy would stop to take pictures, and I would say.. look at the sun.. Hurry !!! We can take pictures on our way back.. I am so glad coolboy didn't listen. And what little of the scenery was there we enjoyed while the trees provided shade and the sun rays were still thawing the barren landscape. We still made it up in very good time.. an hour ahead of our own schedule. But who were we racing? Nature and Time are mighty opponents. It took us much longer to come down. And the Sun had his vengeance !

That whole damn trip was a race.. against time. How long do you think its going to take us to drive? 8 hours.. maybe we should leave early! It took them 10.5 !! We must be able to do slightly better !! We must get enough sleep. We cant take long dinner breaks. Its getting dark. Time to do this.. Time to do that and just like that the whole weekend gone.. and we get back home in time for dinner.. a good nights sleep perhaps.. and then work day begins.. Race against deadlines.. cant be that hard.. this shouldn't take that long.. how soon can that be done.. time to market.. time to sell.. time to buy.. and just like that the week is gone.

And just like that life goes on. And time we have is never enough ! Today I wrenched 20 seconds from my workout run. I spent them staring into empty space sitting in my car after I reached home and parked.

It was time for me to space out and breathe !

Drive up to Yosemite: 8.5 Hours
Half Dome Hike: 10 hours
Drive back home: 8 Hours
Spending 26 uninterrupted hours with coolboy without fighting even once : Priceless!

Somethings money just cannot buy. For the other things, I don't have time !


  • Wow... you're back! I missed you so much that I kep re-reading your old blogs... :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:52 PM  

  • Hey Lakshmi !

    Yes, am back and its nice to know that someone reads !! :)

    By Blogger RagzZmatazZ, at 11:45 AM  

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