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Friday, November 09, 2007

Season Greetings.

Many lamps to light,
Many spaces to fill with colour,
Many friends to celebrate with,
Many joys to spread,
A lot of sweets to be fed,
May this festival be all that and more.

Many stories to tell,
Many places to see,
Many people to meet,
A lot of laughter to share,
And no regrets to spare,
May the new year be all that and more.

A cup of tea,
Favourite songs,
A lot of flowers,
Golden sunsets to see,
The heart that is carefree,
May every day be all that and more.

The gift of giving,
To keep on dreaming,
The power of believing,
Drawing strength from loving,
To keep on going,
Not just living, but thriving,
May our lives be all that and more.


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