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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Truth

There is one truth in my world. Absolute and complete. As sure as day and night. It is Music. Right from the one that silences spell, through the ones that wind and trees and all things that do not "speak" sing, to the one that we make.
Step by step as I move through life's motions, thus note by note the song unfolds. A rhapsody of my creation. I move through chaos and order to a rhythm. Through Melody and cacophony to the beat of my heart! The joys and sorrows extempore.
I look for no answers. I ask no questions. I simply sing my song. That is my purpose. It will reverberate and echo through the universes and fade away as a whisper. My goal is the state of perfect harmony, where all notes meet and many voices chime and Voila! its a symphony !


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