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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Haule Haule ...

The tree outside my house has borne the seasons well. It was full when I moved in. As I settled into my solitary life, it embraced autumn. Surely and slowly it let go of its leaves, shed all its inhibitions and embraced the winter rains in naked abandon.
When Amma, Appa came here I brought yellow sunflowers the morning they were supposed to arrive. I noticed it shared my joy, it had its first nascent leaf. Light green, made fertile by the rains. Through the next couple of months it had the most gorgeous red flowers. Spring celebration with the rest of us. Haule Haule... Surely and slowly the green replaced the red flowers and it stands there today in all its beauty.

End of a season..again.. the circle of life. It will repeat its pattern, infinitely, indefinitely.. and I will watch as long as I stay here. I have sat on my swivel chair every morning to have breakfast and watched the tree change seasons.

I am sure it is watching too. It has seen me look at it through smiles and sometimes emptily, some distractedly and I wish I could get it to write about me. I wonder what it would say. "there is this girl who lives in this house in front of me....."
I wish it will say "I watched her embrace every season of the last year with unabated enthusiasm.."

The year is almost at an end. I am already introspective and am starting early on my reflections of the year. But there are still a good 50 days left. I plan to make the most of them. Plan to slow down and savor every bit that remains. Time always flies. Its for us to slow down.

Haule Haule..


  • Beautiful Ragini!

    By Blogger Manali, at 9:17 AM  

  • "Time always flies - its for us to slow down"

    Beautiful !
    I think its one of my favorite blog quotes.

    There is a saying
    "Leaves fall in and in their place new ones grow
    Beneath every changing surface lies an unchanging pattern"

    By Blogger Kau, at 9:30 PM  

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