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Monday, October 20, 2008


There is nothing like spending an evening on the beach on a weekday, bang in the middle of the week. Its like sitting at the fringe of a tornado. One step backwards and the week, the routine, meaningless urgency of things will engulf you and swallow you alive and you can struggle all you want, but the only thing worth preserving in that chaos is your sanity, which strangely enough can only be found at the fringe.

So off we went. The two of us. With B-school having eaten up most of our married life and money, we are left with few moments that are priceless, to find joys in life that are free. We went to the beach on Wednesday evening. Parked and started walking along the tracks. Found a little bench that offered us a perfect view of the setting sun. It was right in front of a beautiful white house, which must cost the heaven and the earth, that had glass windows and a little garden. In the garden were beautiful flowers and a lovely patio furniture set. I looked longingly at the house for a few seconds and then turned my back to it, and sat on the bench.

Another couple soon came along and perched themselves on the sand, the bench being taken. They had a little bag from which out came a bottle of wine and two glasses. They poured themselves a glass each toasted (to Life perhaps, I thought) and sipped silently as they (as well as us) watched a glorious sunset.

I turned to Coolboy as we started on our way back, hand in hand, "The bench doesn't cost us a cent, and the sunset is free. Next time we'll bring wine too." Without missing a beat he said "Maintaining a sea-facing house is such a hassle in any case. The sea breeze really increases wear and tear". I smiled.


  • Here's to many more of those sunsets in pale rose and gold... :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:36 PM  

  • "In small proportions we just beauty see and in short measures life may perfect be"

    By Blogger Kau, at 10:17 PM  

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