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Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Bytes

18 weeks and 1 day :

I am finally done with nausea and illness. Am back on my feet, half way through the term and now raring to go. Some obvious changes:
1. I feel far more energetic than I have felt in months.
2. I now have a nice little baby bump. For someone who has spent a large amount of time battling stomach flab..I am loving watching the bump grow. Bye bye crunches.. I don't need you for now.
3. Belly extenders are awesome. Wearing ill fitting jeans and trousers to work really bothers me and when you are not yet big enough for maternity clothes, these nifty little things are a boon.
4. Now the kicker - Over the last week I have started feeling baby move. Cool boy in his infinite wisdom attributed my stomach feelings to other un-savory gastronomical problems - but I knew it when I felt it. The butterfly flutters. Especially the ones after lunch ( My baby seems to love fruit and fruit juice especially.)
5. Second ultrasound this week. And the verdict is out - I am having one hell of a stubborn child. This is the second time she poked and prodded and made me toss and turn in an effort to get baby Mowgli to turn so she could get good pictures and measurements. Fists clenched, arms crossed, he refused to buckle under pressure. Ill have to go back in 4 weeks now.

Week 19:

Do - Re - Mi - Fa - So - La - Ti - Do !!!!

PS: I wish patti could have shared this with me. I wish that I lived in India so i could share all this even more closely with my family. Its heartening to hear their voices every other day, and there is such joy when I see that they are all waiting online for me when I get to office from the Ultrasound appt, waiting with bated breath to find out if its a boy or a girl and shout out "YAY!!" any which way. Its heartening, but also heart wrenching. It is a choice I have made and a life I have chosen, for not just me but also you, little Mowgli. I wonder if I will ever make my peace with that !


  • You still have the option os coming back!! Or just leave Mowgli with us back in India!!

    By Blogger Saumya, at 5:25 AM  

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