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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Two much ?

  • Two books I just finished reading : Moon and Sixpence , Harry Potter and the Half blood prince. Former work of a genius. Latter a complete disappointment.

  • Two books I look forward to : Don Camillo and his flock (Giovanni Guareschi), Among the Believers (VS Naipaul)

  • Two movies I recently watched : Golmaal , 'D'. Former work of brilliance. Latter a disppointment.

  • Two movies I look forward to : Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Two people I just cannot stand : Adam Sandler and John Mayer

  • Two re-runs I never tire of : Sienfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond

  • Two random songs I love : Abhi naa jaao chhod kar...(Hum Dono) and Mora Saiyyan ...(Fuzon)

  • Two things I say all the time : "Sweet !", "Damn !"

  • Two names I have been called and I detest : Regina, Rajini

  • Two names I like and use at Starbucks : Renee, Sophie

  • Two ways of signing off : Laters, Take care !


  • two good!!

    Originally @ Jul 21, 2005 16:00 PST

    By Anonymous pp, at 5:03 PM  

  • Howdy ??!! :)

    Originally @ Jul 21, 2005 21:38 PST

    By Anonymous Who else !, at 5:03 PM  

  • Hmm ... Bloghopping and landed here. Some things that intrigued me from the post,

    * One of the few who has called the Half Blood Prince a disappointed. Dunno why, but pleased to see that.

    * True, Golmaal is an all-time best.

    * Batman Begins, a great movie if you love the intertwined philosophy in it. If you are looking for plain dumb action, then you may be better off watching The Fantastic Four!

    * You don't like being called Rajini? Oh, my my! Me, such a super star fan that I would love it if somebody called me that. ;-)

    Originally @ Jul 22, 2005 18:54 PST

    By Anonymous Raman, at 5:04 PM  

  • Raman,

    * One of the few who has called the Half Blood Prince a disappointed. Dunno why, but pleased to see that. *

    - why such a hate-feeling towards Rowling ?

    Originally @ Jul 25, 2005 11:21 PST

    By Anonymous Siva, at 5:04 PM  

  • How about - because she is a bad writer with a good plot ????

    Originally @ Jul 25, 2005 11:52 PST

    By Anonymous Who else !, at 5:04 PM  

  • Siva,
    From what I've read of Rowling, must say that she definitely does not deserve the hype. Possibly the world needed a new "good" kid with supernatural powers to triumph over "evil" and Rowling's timing was just about right!

    But, you know how opinionated I can be ;-)

    Originally @ Jul 25, 2005 18:48 PST

    By Anonymous Raman, at 5:05 PM  

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