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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Of lazy afternoons on the beach and lazier people

Setting : Earlier in the week there were elaborate bonfire plans for the weekend.. I was to bring samosas and kavita was to bake a cake. Me lying on my couch unable to move from heat exhaustion due to hiking. BiP in his house on his couch and Shy on his couch in his house. 3 Cellfones and one conference call.

S : So what happened to the bonfire plans on the beach.. ?
Me : I am super tired from the hike. So is kavita. We can't cook and all. Why don't you guys do some work for a change ?
S : Do you really want us to cook.. ? Anyways we dont really need to cook right, we have to throw things into the fire.. thats the whole point.
BiP : maybe we can do the bonfire, make just marshmellows drink beer and just order Pizzas at the beach.. saves everyone trouble.
Me : Who is going to pick up all the samaan ?
S : We can do it on our way to the beach !
Bip : Kavita has the coal..
Me : Ya, Ill remind her to get it...
S : Again, what do we do with coal at a bonfire.. U guys are soo smart (smirking).. we need wood... geez you guys !!!
Me : Oh okay, maybe we assign the wood task to someone else. I'll bring some chips etc,
S : So pizzas it is !!!
Me : i want jalapenos and pineapples on mine.
S : Someone will have to go pick it up from the beach, they wont deliver it there ... Or abhi order karte hain, and we'll pick it up on our way to the beach..
BiP : Arrey.... Thanda ho jayega.. we cant pick it up now.. !!!
Me : Don't ask me to do any work.. Ill bring chips... we can grab something over there near the beach ...
BiP : I'll bring beer.. I have a six pack at home.
Me : Will that be enough for everyone ?
S : I can bring some too.
BiP : Can we ask kavita to pick up some chivda from Surti Farsan ?
Me : Beer and Chivda ?? Gujju !!!! But whatever.. ya we can.. Ill bring cards to play as well.
BiP : Sounds like a plan.. what time do you guys wanna leave.. abhi toh bahut dhoop hai..
Me : Ya... how about 5:30 ish..
S : Too early.. lets go at 6 ish...
Me : Okay, pick me up guys...

Later that evening 6 lazy bums met at the beach for an hour, drank beer ate chivda. I forgot to carry chips cards and a beach mat. Then went to Chicago Uno and ate Pizzas and brownie sundae. Went back to BiP's place, ordered "The Incredibles" on-demand. And I slept through it.

Cheers to a perfectly lazy saturday evening spent with my favourite lazy people and many such more.


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