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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chapter 7 - Starman

Dear Starman, be a dear
wont you ? as you float away,
you might come across a star
Shining quietly with its gaze
set firmly over here,

On earth, where he illuminates
the dreams and aspirations of 
his loved ones, left behind,
trying to find their way
battling everyday quirks of fate

Dear Starman, that must be
my father without doubt,
Forever shining, quietly,
doing what he can do
for his children and family

Tell him we will always love him,
he must know that surely,
tell him we miss him, that I 
look to the stars every night
And remind myself that there will
always be one  that will never dim

Knowing that its twinkling 
lights my life.
That is my father, Starman
As you float away tell him,
that is how we remember him
Always shining, always smiling. 

- the daughter

A special thanks to Elon Musk for the image and the dream :)


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