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Friday, September 22, 2017


Dear Ponyo,

Without doubt, 
without fail,
even though you both 
fight tooth and nail,
There is just him,
who you look at
with such adoration
and admiration that
you could forgive all 
the worlds sins
Or any sorrow that
life could bring
because in Mowgli
you always know
you have a brother
who is a super-hero

On days when i think you two are just too much for me, watching you sit and clap and cheer your brothers mad antics, watching him instruct you in the ways of the crazy and wild, while you watch with your big eyes even bigger, rapt in attention, hanging on to every last word and action of his, it warms my heart.

I will hang on to this feeling until I find you at each others throats very soon again.

all my love,


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