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Thursday, February 01, 2018

chapter 5 - Of All Things 4

She opened her eyes and searched. I was right there beside her and I whispered "good morning". She glared, even though she had just woken up and said "You have to say Happy Birthday !". I laughed and said Happy birthday and I gave her a hug and four big kisses asking " How old again ?"  She pumped her fist into the air and slowly opened four fingers. "Hip Hip Hurray ! Three cheers for Lara Roy" she yelled.

Thursday: A party scooter that lights up,
                 Nerf Gun and Kylo Ren shoes
                A dozen cupcakes with sprinkles
                She is in her birthday groove.

Friday:    Off we go on an adventure,
               Witch, Princess, warrior, knight
                Darth Vader, Dragon, Robot
                She is all of them combined.
Saturday: A mega party with costumes,
                and bouncy houses await
                Let not forget the presents
                juice, pizza and the Moana cake

Forever:  May all your days be filled with
                Such magic and mirth
                Always always be this spunky kid
             with the most sparkling, dazzling, infectious cheer on earth !

My phone is inundated with calls and messages since this morning. She is thrilled with all the attention. She saved her biggest smile and hug for Mowgli - her idol. Excitedly she opened two presents this morning. A Nerf gun from Mowgli and a Bracelet making kit from Z. She loves it all. She loves everything and everyone, especially today. As we drop Mowgli off at school she waves out to him and yells " Anna, Don't forget to tell everyone its my birthday."

Happy Birthday to the sprinkle and sparkle of our life. We love you more than you can ever know.



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