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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Saw this on HBO last night. Inspired and adapted from Homer's lliad, the movie depicts the well known story (of which there are multiple versions) of the great Trojan war and its greatest hero Achilles. Its a perfect "masala movie". The poor acting, corny dialogues and a not so beautiful really Helen, notwithstanding the movie is entertaining all the same.

Greek mythology is beautiful. Like our Indian mythology it beautifully weaves men and Gods together in an inextricable web. They are incomplete without each other. And reflections of each other. There is great poetry in those stories of yore. Fantasy spun with the threads of reality - it does not really matter whether they really happened or not.

This movie completely kills that spirit. Men are men- mean as ever. The boon that was given to Paris and vulnerability of Achilles are made into some silly lovestory.

But as much as it tried the plot in itself has all the ingredients essential to a potboiler - action, emotions, drama, sex, violence.

Perfect watch for a brain dead evening after a great weekend. To sum it in a word - "Time Pass"


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