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Monday, May 01, 2006


Hello Hollywood !
Come sunday and coolboy and I dragged our lazy butts up to LA because I had not yet seen Universal Studios inspite of having lived in SoCal. Imagine this coolboy and I - sitting in the Shrek 4D show. I am super excited - its new and fascinating and I am a kid at heart. Coolboy is seeing this for the 4th time and he is just as excited as I am !!!. A place that appeals to all ages and sorts. Thats universal studios.

There is the Mummy Ride thats just awesome. And the Jurassic park is soo beautiful. The fake mechanical dinosaurs are soo adorable :-D !!! Thats the thing you see. These people are so good at detailing that they make you love fake things. Take a picture with King Kong, or walk through the scary castle of Van Helsing ( I was too chicken to do this), see how special effects are created, take a tour of the famed studios or be part of the Waterworld adventure (this one is coolboy's favourite). All in a days work!

I have moved again. This time I have moved office. I now am the proud and happy occupant of a window office. Being spring and days streching out till 7:30 ish, i bask in natural sunlight all day. A great source of Vitamin D :) Remember 6th std science ?? I dont have to turn on the lights at all. It is the single biggets reason never to quit this place. Engineers are rarely awarded this luxury and I do feel blessed. Oh to stare out at the tree outside and day dream waiting for simulations to finish.. what bliss !!!!


Saw Rang de basanti. Really liked it. I heard a lot of arguments bothe ways before watching it, about how it ended - too simplistic, not realistic, justification of violence by youth, violence as a solution, the transformation bla bla. I agree with some but all the same i think the whole analogy between the past and present was wonderfully done. The message to me was loud and clear - Either you shut up and dont complain or you get up and do something about things that bother you.

Also saw Water. Thought it was a big disappointment following Earth. But as a friend and co-blogger said - The whole difference was that Earth was based on a book. A wonderful and strong story. Water's biggest flaw though was its cardboard characters essayed by the worst actors one can find - John Abraham and Lisa Ray. More seasoned actors might have given the part some credibility but one cant deny that the movie touched the problem only at its surface. One must give the two points for being extremely good looking. The little kid and Seema Biswas save the movie some face and had the movie not ended at least the way it had I would have been damn pissed. :).

TV,Books etc

I have a new apt with a nice big TV in it. But I hardlt watch any TV. I used to look forward to "Rome" on HBO. But apparantly the new season wont be out until 07. I used to like the "Actors" as well. But thats over for this year too. Occasionally "Scrubs" if I remember. But this is the last season of "Sopranos" and I am hooked. I havent watched any of the previous ones but like any soap drama - it's not that hard to follow.

Book Club pick of the month is "Grapes of Wrath". It was sitting on my shelf waiting its turn. And boy is it a slow depressing read !! :) Only 50 pages into the book . Ploughing through it one page at a time.


Its sunny again. Not very warm,but atleast it sunny :). As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed the hillocks on my way. All the rainy days, dull days had quenched the thirst of a parched earth. A otherwise dry and barren land was covered in green and as a sign of spring wild wild bright yellow flowers had sprung from within. I thought it was a sign of good things to come. Life sure has a way of making every dull day into a bright one.


  • Good to hear from you after a while. Universal is fun, ain't it? Mummy was good. The reverse part took us completely by surprise.

    Water has three very good songs, if you are into that kind of music. Movie was ok.

    Enjoy the sun and keep blogging.

    By Blogger Parth, at 5:51 PM  

  • yes, the reverse thingy in the Mummy ride is crazy !!!

    :) :) I liked some of the songs. Esp the Piya something song.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:17 PM  

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