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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dignified Silence !

Its a commonly used phrase. He or she maintained a dignified silence. Now I think that sometimes they couldnt come up with something clever enough to snub back with so they maintain a "dignified silence". Classic clase of reverse snobbery. What is so dignified about silence after all ? Someone says something really mean about you and you refuse to add value to the comment by retorting ? Is it just that ? That you are trying to show that you dont give a damn by looking the other way ? If you really dont care, then maybe its okay. Or to argue it the other way, if you really dont care you can snap back and say a whole bunch of mean things yourself ! What if you care ? You are seething with rage within and you choose to maintain a dignified silence so that ............... ??? Just say it and be done ! You think the other person feels any remorse if you are silent ? Maybe you dont want to make things worse. So you decide to be the bigger person and hold your tongue and let it pass. Because its not worth your time getting into it. And how did it help. Did the other person ever realise ? You don't have to make anyone realise anything anyways so continue to not say anything. But what if you had said what you felt. What if you spat out all your venom. Then you start clean. You feel puragated.

I chose not to speak coz I didnt think you cared. You had made up your mind already and I didnt want you to change it. I was tired and worn out. I maintained a "dignified silence" because that was all the energy I had left for.


  • Unconsciously, perhaps, we treasure the power we have over people by their regard for our opinions of them, and we hate those upon whom we have no such influence. I suppose its the bitterest wound to human pride.

    -- Maugham

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