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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Okay came across some of Vikram Seth's poems. A couple that I loved :

Exerpt from Golden Gate :

He goes home, seeking consolation
Among old Beatles and Pink Floyd -
But 'Girl' elicits mere frustration,
While 'Money' leaves him more annoyed.
Alas, he hungers less for money
Than for a fleeting Taste of Honey.
Murmuring, 'Money - it's a gas! ...
The lunatic is on the grass,'
He pours himself a beer. Desires
And reminiscenes intrude
Upon his unpropitious mood
Until he feels that he requires
A one-way Ticket to Ride - and soon -
Across the Dark Side of the Moon.

And this one is just for you :


Sit, drink your coffee here; your work can wait awhile.
You're twenty-six, and still have some life ahead.
No need for wit; just talk vacuities, and I'll
Reciprocate in kind, or laugh at you instead.

The world is too opaque, distressing and profound.
This twenty minutes' rendezvous will make my day:
To sit here in the sun, with grackles all around,
Staring with beady eyes, and you two feet away.

I loved a couple more. They make me sad. But will save them for another post, another day and another time when my heart is weary and I will read it over and over again till the words become mine !
Today I am happy. Last weekend was soo good. I did everything I feel good about. Hung out with people who made me feel even better. Spent a lot of time watching movies and reading. Laughed a lot. Work is good good too. La Vita E Bella !!!!

:-) :-)


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