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Monday, March 07, 2005

Dance Dance

When I was in first std, Amma forced me to go to this dance lesson. I hated every minute of it. On my exam, they showed me a mudra and asked me to identify it, I thought the teacher was pointing towards the door and asking me to leave so I headed to the door when the teacher called me back and rephrased the question. Later on I started taking Kathak lessons. The highlight of those through school was going to the ISKON Temple every year during Gokulashtami to dance in the function there. Hawa hawai and Main se Mina se at school followed suit where I stood behind the main dancers trying hard to keep beat and not look like a fool in idiotic dresses.

It was always just a passing hobby among other things. Never a passion so to speak. Amma and Mami kept the spark alive somewhere buried in my subconscience though by dragging me to various dance programs with amma constantly pointing out "look at her feet", translating music etc. Years flew by and the only dancing I did was shake a leg at vague discotheques in a state of intoxication. Grad school changed a lot of things. Among trying to be someone I wanted to be , a friend and I put together a folk-like piece for the India nite. And then I met S who would order Learn Hip Hop in a month tapes to learn steps for the fun of it. We enrolled for hip hop lessons at school which he promptly quit after they showed a move which involved slapping of the butt. Step aerobics became the only form of workout i enjoyed because of room for improvisation and need to have a sense of rhythm.

I moved here and Salsa dancing became my refuge against the hostility a new place presents. Spent a considerable amount of time and energy and ofcourse money bringing myself to a level where I can walk into a club and not be ashamed of myself. Where I can look at the better ones and say, "Ah, lovely move" without feeling any hurt because i dont know if I can do it.. coz now I now with time I can too. :-) ! Sat eve was the perfect climax to a month of buildup. Every bit of practice was worth the time and effort. To everyone who made that dance so great, Thank you ! Am suffering now from withdrawal symptoms of not not having any practice to run to !!!

And it is always wonderful to see new faces and meet new people. It came like a breath of fresh air. I was almost starting to feel claustrophobic until I met this bunch. Seeing the same people every weekend and having the same conversations had gotten a tad tiring. have been feeling for a while that I need to get away from everything I know too well. B keeps telling me that. I have moved on , I need to move away as well perhaps. K - having dinner with you on sunday was great. I just fail to understand you though. You are right there and I cant reach out to you. Like you don't want to be known or touched at all. :-) Like me ! ?!????

For now La Vite E Bella !! :-) Salute !!!!

Scriverà più successivamente !! Arrivederci !

Hmm.. I started this post as something else and its become something else. Should tell you how randomly my thoughts are hopping right now !


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