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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Movie Mania

I wonder how critics watch movies ? To watch it to tear it down bit by bit and analyse the finer aspects must be a terrible job. Must take the joy out of watching the movie completely. Especially since you tend to watch it so objectively. Similarly for all art. Over the last couple of months saw Aviator, Finding Neverland, Sideways and last night Million Dollar baby. I am no movie critic. I am not even well acquainted with the art of movie making. So my opinions may count for nothing. But then it speaks of my sensibilities and me as a person. There is no doubt that all of these are very well made movies. There is no doubt that the actors just became the characters. But ask me to pick my favourite I'll pick Finding Neverland. It is brimming with innocence and I can't imagine anyone other than Johnny Depp playing JM Barrie. And Ill give my reason. It moved me more than any of the others and I am partial to innocence. PeterPan is a childhood friend of mine and I met the man who was peter man in that movie. There, I just threw objectivity straight out of the window. Now Aviator or Million Dollar Baby ?? :-) I think I'll go with Aviator, I dont know what about it , Leonardo and his psychotic character perhaps, gives it that little edge. Maybe coz there was no redemption for him and no justification. You wonder how people stand him and you still look at him with awe. But all the same since MDB is fresh in my mind from last night, I have to say, a few scenes hit you hard and just knock you out. Rarely are characters so well etched as Frankies. I love the way the movie's dark hues and the light fading in and out layering the story and the characters. This is as objective as I can get. Beyond this its personal taste. I may sound like a fool to those who understand this medium of expression better but in the end what does it matter.. ?

People often tend to follow popular opinion blindly. And are snobbish about it. Then there are people who love everything that is not popular and is a cultivated taste. And they are snobbish about it too. I refuse to follow either. At the cost of looking foolish, I refuse to feign or disguise my tastes. You cant really be objective about art. Unless you are a Robot !


  • Hey Ragini, pleased to hear from you after all these years. Ya, its me alright. Varun's friend :-) (No one has ever recognized me that way). Where are you and what are you upto nowadays? Leave a note on my blog. Will come back and read your blog in detail later

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  • ...objectively speaking.

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  • Hiee :-) !!!

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