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Monday, August 11, 2003

Surprise Surprise

Come Friday night. N makes a surprise visit to SD. She is driving down with her roomie M. Shy's friends from school K and C (whom i happen to know too, yes the world is round and small) are driving down from LA too. K actually lives in the bay area and is seeing N's roommate M. Yeah its a real life soap opera. And I play the perfect hostess to people surprising their beau's and families :) . Shy's friend from Boston is down too. And not to mention Shy's own family from Bombay. To cut the long story short, 4 people land up home on friday night. After a few animated discussions and digging into dinner, 13 desis go clubbing to SD's best club on friday night. Techno does not get better than in "On Broadway" on a friday night. Neither does the crowd. The rest of the night passed by in a daze. The strobe lights still flash in front of my eyes and i can still hear the beat in my head. Play me some good music and my feet take over :). A couple of straight ups brought the guys on to the floor too :). I could have danced forever.
Spent pretty much all of saturday on the beach. 15 of us. No wonder the beaches are so crowded. SD is the west coast's Miami. Anyways, Tides were low so couldn't really Boogie board well enough. But for visitors it was one hell of an experience anyways. The beach was picture perfect. Except for the sea which had yellow waves. Stepped into the water to see what they were and they were there oily yellow things floating. Apparantly due to temp change when the algae give out colour, thats how the water looks. Harmless to the skin and eyes.
Anyways. Took a solid beating from the waves and then N and I ate what we love most : Greek food :). Sunday was supposed to be relaed but ended up walking up and down the mall looking for stuff we could do without :).
m and K bought be a nice shirt from express for playing my part (the perfect hostess) to perfection :). When they left on sunday after gorging on brownies and icecream, I was more tired than I have ever been on any weekday. Sat and spent sometime getting myself together. Putting my house back together. Didnt want to see anyone for a while. Watched MI on TV. Napped. Cooked for myself. Eventually later in the night watched Hungama at Shy's place with N and B and him.
For the first time I am kinda glad its Monday :).


  • watta a weekend....the one time I have been to SD I have fallen in love with tht city... and its always good to get surprises from ppl over a weekend and then enjoy it with them...hey...wht say one of these weekends..u gimme a surprise ??

    Originally @ Aug 11, 2003 15:02 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:55 PM  

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