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Monday, August 04, 2003

Land of milk and honey ?

Ever been to VT station in Bombay ? Trains come in filled with people from all over India every day. It brings in along with those people, their hopes , their aspirations, their dream of a great future. They have come to the city that never sleeps. The city where dreams come true. Thousands come everyday seeking their fortunes. They leave behind homes of childhood. They come and never go back again. Howeevr harshly the city may treat them, living there is an addiction you cant just shake off. These people always amazed me.

Fall quarter is about to start. I saw a desi guy come with the huge bags. He was unloading stuff in my parking lot. A whole new bunch hundreds of thousands of students will come to the USA as every year, as I did 3 years ago. All seeking their fortune. Some seek education and others a new life. In short they all seek money. Sent off to fulfill ambitions often not quite theirs but more their parent's. Ever seen the scene during this brain drain period at Bombay or Chennai airport ? Proud parents, students with the "tilak" on their foreheads. All taking off in herds. Not too many are even sure what they are going after. But they run after a light they see burning in the distance. If they don't see it , they follow the crowd and they'll get there eventually.

So, am I where i wanted to get ? I am not too sure. but I sure am happy where I am. One among the thousands who came here searching for education. Learnt some lessons in school and some from life. Not too bad uh ? Not at all for someone who lived for 21 years in a secure loved environment and was never left alone to take care of herself. We all do good. Instincts of self preservation keep us afloat even in the most hostile environments. Never imagined that seeing family once every couple of years would be normal. That I would hear my mom's voice once a week and be fine with it. That Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri would make me wisfully reminisce. By virtue of being the first born in the family, I would be across the seas seeking my destiny while everyone else stayed back to grow up :) . So much for being in the land of milk and honey. For home is still where the heart is.


  • exactly 'home is where the heart is'. well said. me posted some time back similar post 'back home'. but that was, why we dont feel home, where ever we live. u put that well in one sentence 'for home is still where the heart is'. well done.

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