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Friday, August 01, 2003

Somebody left a trail that i followed. I found myself in someone's little hideout. I could see that I was the first person to visit. I did'nt see traces of anyone else.But I made my self comfortable anyways. Reading all the graffiti and scribbling some of my own. And then I was discovered. I was not alone anymore. But someone didnt seem to mind. Strange how I felt like i could have been among my deepest thoughts and that someone could have been the intruding stranger. Did I say I met myself ? :). I didn't even finish introducing myself or apologising for invading someone's hideout. Someone was heading out. For a bit, someone said. I am on my way home. Have to go dancing again tonight. Strange my new shoes don't hurt when I dance. Mebbe I am too lost to even feel the pain :). Took them off when I walked back to my car. Feet are sore but feel good :) . I thought S would flinch at the thought of me walking down the street barefoot with my shoes in my hand, but he didnt seem to mind. Guess he didnt have a choice as i was driving him home :) !


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