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Friday, August 08, 2003

Dignity of labour ?

At these really nice bars/clubs when you go to the restroom, its not just as simple as relieving yourself. You have these people standing inside who open the tap for you or hand you a towel to dry your hands. Or smile at you if you were there to just touch up your lipstick. And there is a tip jar on the table right next to where they are standing. S came back once to us to tell us that the guy in the Men's room actually opens door for people and says " Welcome to the Bathroom" wearing a big smile on his face .
Now, I really question the rationale of having someone do that ? Let alone the fact that its probably the dumbest job on the surface of this earth. And honestly it does not serve anyone any purpose. It, to me is almost as bad as the people who stand on crossings and say " Good eve m'am. Got a buck to spare?". I believe strongly in the dignity of labour, but this is no labour at all. That man power can be defenitely put to more constructive use.
This country at times is so obsessed with customer service and satisfaction that they really dont know where to draw the line.


  • thatz a natural outcome of a labor-oriented economy...but frankly i am surprised to see such things happening..never seen it though

    Originally @ Aug 08, 2003 22:34 PST

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