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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wave Rider

The second time in life I bought a one way ticket was from Portland,Or to San Diego, Ca. The first day in a new city, I ventured out to meet a person who would become a solid friend. He picked us (me and two friends who accompanied me on this journey for lack of better things to do in summer)  and took us straight to PB. He told me, you will need a boogie board if you live here. I suggest you buy one. That was my first buy in San Diego. Among the best 30 dollars I have spent. Over years I have regularly boogie boarded with many friends and alone. Yesterday enjoying the gorgeous sunset as I stood in the water and watched Mowgli take on the waves I felt that sense of growing up and embarking on a new adventure once again. Some of the things I kept repeating to him I should keep repeating to myself

" Don't think so much. Just climb on and let the waves take you"

" Why do you keep looking for bigger and better waves? These little ones will take you just as far"

" Stop looking at how others are doing it !"

" Don't get upset over a missed wave. Look there is another one right behind you."

Dear Mowgli,
We have learnt many many things together and I may have taught you a few things as well. The ones I will treasure the most are the life lessons I learn from being your mom and growing up with you.
You are almost six and I could not be a happier, prouder mother. You are the wave that brought me to shore. May the tides always always bide by you.


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