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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mowgli Tales

Yesterday Mowgli decided he wanted to sell orange juice. Amma tried to tell him that we need more oranges, its getting dark etc. Mowgli had made up his mind. He was going to make a 100 dollars selling orange juice. He got S to help him make the juice, clean up after etc. He made 3 cups of juice. He kept aside one for himself. He took two outside to the cul de sac. Only J was there playing basketball with his dad. J saw him and ran up.. "whats that ?" he asked. "I am selling Orange juice"said Mowgli. "For how much ?" quizzed J. "25cents" said Mowgli remembering that Amma had said that no one would pay 25 dollars for juice. J obviously did not have any money on him. "Well then maybe you can help me sell the juice?" suggested Mowgli. J agreed. Mowgli handed over the two cups of juice to J. E and her mom had come out by then and were walking over. E was not interested in juice but wanted to make some flower decorations. Mowgli ran off to help her leaving J to run the shop. J looked around and wondered who he might be able to convince to buy from him. His father was still shooting baskets there and could sure spare 25c. He did not even have to try hard. None of the neighbors doors looked inviting. He decided that E's mom was the next obvious choice. Within minutes he had 50c. He ran over calling out to Mowgli. Mowgli slowly sauntered back to the cul de sac armed with flowers from someone else garden and his next brainwave when J caught up with him waving the two quarters. J and Mowgli quickly settled on sharing the revenue 50-50. Mowgli had just made 25c by getting his friend to sell juice that his nanny made. He was far from the 100$ he had started out to make but he was not upset " Amma, I want to sell Flower bouquets tomorrow." he declared.


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