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Friday, October 14, 2005

Winds of Change

Mahesh is showing off google again :). He is trying to get me to move to blogger. No, wont stop blogging. Its an important part of my stress relieving strategy, might just end up moving bag and baggage to blogger. So the condition was that I dont want to lose anything i have written. So he is going to try and port the whole damn thing, comments et al. So he ziped up the contents of my blog and sent it to me so I could store it archive it etc etc. It kinda made me nostalgic. So I went back forth browsing through two years of bloggings worth. And then i realised that my posts used to be far more colourful. I have become so melancholic over the last 10 months or so. Its time to change. To write about happier things. The stuff that makes me smile and laugh and all those good things.
So here we go. A new me with lots and lots of razzmatazz and all that jazz :)


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