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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Halloween Weekend was a nightmare of a different sort. Spent the whole weekend lying on a couch with a cramping stomach. Finally on Sunday drove myself to Urgent Care for some prescription medicine. Bad as it sounds, thankfully Shy was sick all weekend too. So I had someone to partake in my misery :-) !!

V is acting really weird these days. When has he not though ? But it still does'nt stop to amaze me. "No Man is an Island .." Mr. John Donne, you obviously don't know V !!

Spoke to Sac after such a long time last night. Long time >= 2 weeks :-) !! Felt really nice.

B is such a sweet guy. He has been calling every other day to see how I am doing.

I wonder what K is up to ? I gave him a good solid counselling session for free before he left for India. He loves complicating his life :-). I am waiting for him to come back. I kinda miss him :-) !!


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