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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I saw Phir Milenge. I really liked it. I feel very strongly about AIDS education in India. Which today is more important and relevant than ever. Casual sex is no longer about wrong or right (I wonder why it was in the first place). Its not about God or religion. Now its about protecting your own life. The rate at which the disease is spreading is alarming. Promiscuity is more reckless and foolish than just wrong. Kids in college tend to believe that it can't happen to them. Why college students.. everyone thinks the worst is always something that happens to others. Being aware is just the first step. Not the solution or the answer.

I had this huge discussion with some friends. Back in junior college,on one fine AIDS day they were distributing condoms in the graduate college building, which is incidentally shared with 11th 12th std kids. Some one said that it was not a good idea coz it would give kids the idea that casual sex is fine as long as it is protected. And didnt quite seem to appreciate the idea. But honestly what is more important here ? Ethical and moral decisions are each to his own. An AIDS epidemic transcends those. Its time people started openly discussing sex in India. And as mature people. Not through sleazy movie promos and videos.

Better late than never... Better safe than sorry !!

I know I am sounding hackneyed and am really stating the oft repeated obvious. But hey thats what is fresh on my mind and what I have been discussing with my friends over the weekend... so wanted to put in down in black and white :-)


  • i think AIDS in india is rampant due to the lack of awareness rather than carelessness, statistics show that the spread of aids in people with lower literacy levels and with lower income is higher than among the literate. THe rise in AIDS victims also is not due to promiscuity not being a taboo anymore, but moreso because of bad infrastructure and unhygenic environment in public hospitals, where the poor and illiterate frequent.

    Originally @ Oct 06, 2004 13:15 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:30 PM  

  • U missed my point. What i was saying is that liberalisation of a value system among the young and impressionable presents a scary path for AIDS to spread. And all these values are so shallow anyways.. that though opening you mind is required... it needs to be done with caution.... Forget it I cant make sense !!! :D

    Originally @ Oct 06, 2004 14:44 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  

  • agreed that people should be open about discussion on sex. Now given the fact that casual sex is more rampant among the urban class i am sure they are aware of its consequences, so that is more of a personal choice, thereby openly discussing sex in such circles is a foregone conclusion. Now deft its still not openly discussed in majority of the circles .. but in those circles casual sex is not prevelant either. there fore my earlier post that carelessness is not really as big an evil as awareness.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  

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