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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Not many people wake up in the morning and say "Oh what a lovely rainly day ". I am one of those who do. Turned on the radio. "Showers from last night will continue throught the day and tomorrow. Flood alerts are being posted in lieu of the impending thhunderstorm this evening ". Flood warning ? What flood ? Where flood ? I-5 perhaps !!

Never missed garam chai with Marie biscuit and the good old TimesofIndia in hand more. The best way to start a morning. To work up a breakfast appetite smelling the aroma of moms cooking wafting in with the chilly wind.

Am really excited about work these days. Getting something done is a great feeling. Nothing better than a productive day. C is moving offices. Have'nt stopped giving him crap for it. Two reasons. 1. I love having him next door to me. I can walk over and ask the stupidest questions. Take a break from what i am doing. Not that his new location is far off. But it is furthur down the corridor. I wont be hearing Ciao Bella early(??) in the morning as he enters. Wont hear him slam his keyboard cursing in Italian :-) !! And he can't complain anymore about hearing me singing my indian vodoo songs through the wall !!
2. And he is leaving me for a window office. He will have a window !! I am soo jealous. My window looks at L's and P''s office across the corridor and L always keeps his window blinds drawn. What a waste of a window office. Its like being dumped for a better looking girl !!! :-) . Not quite as bad.. But I am soo mad and soo sad !!!
But like all guys he says " My heart will always be here. "

Ya Right !!!


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