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Monday, December 08, 2003

"Unlucky in love... Lucky in poker...."

"Unlucky in love... Lucky in poker...." is what they said as we sat on the table. Four stingy CNXT employees playing for money. Fake ofcourse. But we were stingy nevertheless. Tequila with lime and salt helped a bit. Manged to wipe out B which was pretty much the objective of the evening. I made a good amount of fake money by simply gambling recklessly. Decided that the "good girl careful with her money" is a waste of time. Apple-tini, the catalyst, did its best to make me that wasted woman who plays away her money on a friday evening. Come saturday and the lucky streak continued. Made more fake money at the QWI party on a blackjack table. Instinct is sure a strong emotion. Sometimes its bang on and then the dice is predictable. Sat there a man who read tea leaves. Told me that I have great amount of spiritual energy. That I can see through people and can sense things but I dont talk about it. I am holding back things that put me on a different spiritual plane. I asked him eventually."How lucky am I ?".. which pretty much would cover every aspect of life. He said that my luck was inside me. That I will find that I can wish myself things. "In short you are very lucky". I went and gambled and made some more fake money.

I dont believe in tea leaves. I believe I was lucky because the money was fake. I hope this streak of luck in fake poker does'nt mess up my luck in true love. :) :) !!!!


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