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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Fire Fire burning bright

Nature has unleashed her fury and we poor mortlas can do nothing but stand back and watch. Woke up to a orange sky on sunday morning. Stepped out to a smoke filled atmosphere. Ashes covering cars. And the fire was not even close yet. Freeway was a parking lot. Could barely breathe. As the fire went on its rampage all efforts seemed insignificant. Mayor said the city would be shut on Monday. Got into work anyways. Couple of more people bored of sitting at home came and joined. The air inside the building was (is still) bad. Webexed into a presentation in iowa, left post lunch. A couple of us played a little pool and went and watched a movie :) *grin*. monday afternoon.
My manager called this morning to say that we really dont need to stay today either and that he wasnt coming in. Will go home in a bit. This air sucks. Time for the rain God to do something about the fire God who is really pissed off.


  • take care babes....enjoy ur time off work...

    Originally @ Oct 28, 2003 11:51 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM  

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