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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Life in the fast lane

Faster faster... i needed to feel the speed. But am tired now. Lay on the grass and looked at the strobe lights play on the clouds in the sky. They were belting "Cryin" in the background. For a sec I wanted the moment to just stop. I smiled as we rotated partners at the guy whom I now faced. A few minutes later I was dizzy. "Are u tired?" he asked. It was a great piece and a great dance. For a sec I wanted to freeze the spin.

Everything started one evening when i promised myself that I would never catch myself getting bored again. Now I am bored of just doing things. Too many things. I am bored of socializing. I am bored of my never ending commitments and my crazy schedule and all the juggling. I WANT TO GO HOME ! :(.


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