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Monday, October 06, 2003


After some thought wore a black plain outfit. Was a little dull. Threw a silk red and black scarf around my neck. And matching red accesories. We walked into Hyatt-Downtown. It was a beautifully done lobby. complete with red carpet for the guests. And I looked around. It was like being captured in a movie that was playing. Guys all spruced up. The same guys who sit in shorts and Tees bundled up in front of computers for the rest of the year, completely unrecognisable in suits and tuxs. Glowing women with sparkling gowns and dresses. Some atrocious and loud and others classy and sophisticated. Three floors six themes. Food and drinks overflowing. Bumped into quite a few people I dont see otherwise. Gamble dance croon to karaoke( something I badly wanted to do, but never got around to :( ). The whole night feels like a dream now. Everything is a blur. Looking forward to the QWI03. Advantages of having friends who work for a company that makes so much money that each division has its own extravagant annual bash. :) :) .


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