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Friday, September 26, 2003


After all the drama and chaos, I got my tickets yesterday. Went over them a hundred times making sure everything was in order this time :) and it was. My manager was chalking out the next quarter's calender and a couple of eyebrows went up when they saw RM-out Dec24th to Jan22nd. I could'nt care less. I was beaming as I said "I am going home." Dont feel like working today :). Am so excited about being in NYC for Christmas :) !! Whats weird though is that I dont know who signed for the fedex. It came at 2:00 pm yesterday. Neither Aviva or I were home. The tracking showed someone signed as R.Umpal. And where it says 1110 P. (for Palmilla Dr ??), someone in red sketchpen has added P. for Pal. I cant imagine the fedex guy shoving my mail under the door and signing for it himself. My leasing office does not accept packages. And they had left the tag the previous day, which i brought to work with me, intending to pick the mail up on my way home from the fedex office. Maybe I am thinking too much. But I should find out anyways. :) !!


  • u have a stalker....or just a good samaritarian

    Originally @ Sep 26, 2003 19:34 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 AM  

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