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Friday, September 19, 2003

Ab ke Saawan Aise Barse.....

Shwets called yesterday to tell me that she feels like she is going to get blown away by the wind :). I thought of Dorothy and Oz. And the countless number of times watching the heavy rains from my window, as a child, I have wished I could be blown away into a magical land too. I remember on one of my earliest visits to Madras I sat at the window in our house in Thiruvanmayur, 5 mintues walk from the Bay of bengal. And i watched the dark clouds gather and thunder menacingly. Patti said that a cyclone was expected. And i sat at the window waiting for the cyclone. And patti had to pull me away and shut the window as the wind was threating and it was not safe. A few years later when we were in the theosophical society, I insisted on cycling around the place, while it rained violently. I grew up but never outgrew my love for the rain. Junior college, and the "Nutts" would go all the way to Churchgate in the pouring rain to Cotton World or Fashion Street. And eat Pav Bhaji in Khao Gully. In college 8 of us on one particularly rainy day went to Marine Drive. Sat by the ocean which was mercilessly lashing out at us. Shivered as we got the beating from the rain and the ocean spray. Got stuck in the floods as we took the bus back home. Watched people wade their way home. Reached home well past midnight. As I jumped off the bus, met an angry mom standing there with a spare umbrella in her hand. :).

Oh, I can go on and on. Can I forget How the ocean looked when it rained ? Or Ice-Cream at Naturals when it rained ? Care-free laughter, the petty squabbles , blossoming crushes, tearful goodbyes, Butta waalas, Ganesh chaturthi and Gokulashtami... it all happened when it rained.

Well, its nice and sunny outside. I have to get back to work ! As for the rain....... It can wait till I am home again.


  • floods still in mumbai?...somethings, i guess never change :) seems we have an Isabel every fortnight in the monsoon season

    Originally @ Sep 21, 2003 22:15 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  

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