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Friday, September 05, 2003

Rhythm divine

So went for the last salsa lesson last night. Hadnt gone for a while but hadnt missed much. Or maybe I am just good at picking up dance :) ! Learnt this really cool move and since the class strength had dwindled down to 4 of us, me being the only girl I was always dancing :). Now this one dude starts arguing that the move ends on the odd count and not the regular even. And he just cannot get it how a rule can be bent. Now all he has to do is listen to the music and let his feet feel it and he would know how. After he presents some serious argument that the move is not technically correct, the intsructor asks him " So son, whats your major in school ?" and prompt is the reply "Computer Science". If only dancing was an algorithm. !! :). Have often wondered how can there be anyone in the world without a sense of rhythm ? It is so against the law of nature which speaks the language of music.


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