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Friday, October 17, 2003

Tug of War

Stood on the crowded railway platform. Was waiting for what seemed ages. It had been a long day and the only thought in the head was "I want to go home". People walking in and out. All living in the same world but yet in smaller worlds of their own.

A ragged little boy also walked by. Barefoot and dirty covered with what seemed like boot polish. A common sight in the city really. No one notices the poor or the needy anymore here. He held what seemed like a few rupees tightly in his hand as he walked purposefully to a small sweet shop on the platform where the hawker sold some not so creamy or soft cakes and mints and hardboiled candy. Pointed to a small cake and put out the little hand in which he held the money. "Kam hai" said the hawker rudely as he waved the boy away. The boy turned away.

The eyes followed the boy. Watched him stretch out the hand that clutched the money. Instinct said "buy the boy the sweet". rationality said otherwise. A split second and a split desire. The boy vanished into the crowd that grew bigger as the train pulled in.

Should have ... Would have... Could have.... but did'nt !!!!


  • hmmmm...maybe next time...at least u had the right thoughts

    Originally @ Oct 18, 2003 15:04 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 PM  

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