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Friday, July 21, 2006


Found this pic online a while ago. It made me ever so nostalgic. Marine drive esp. It is a metephor for my carefree adolescence. Days of doing nothing. Going by A1 bus, or the Andheri slow from platform number 7 all the way to "town" for shopping, eating and whiling away precious time. It was always a special outing simply because of the time it took. In a lot of sense it epitomises our naivette. For believing things I brush away as foolishness now.

Bombay - the city that never sleeps, the city that never says die, the city that rocks and rolls, the city I grew up in, the city i grew older with, my city, my love.


  • What a coincidence. A while ago, i had the exact same picture as my desktop wallpaper. Now a view of Wankhede stadium adorns the desktop. The city must be something, that we simply can't get enough of it :-)

    By Blogger Parth, at 7:42 PM  

  • Yes - we simply cannot get enough of it :)

    By Blogger RagzZmatazZ, at 4:50 PM  

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