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Thursday, November 10, 2005

His Perspective

He read the email for the hundredth time perhaps. Emptiness was a feeling after all. A lovely paradox. And he re-read the poem the email contained

Sit, drink your coffee here; your work can wait awhile.
You're twenty-six, and still have some of life ahead.
No need for wit; just talk vacuities, and I'll
Reciprocate in kind, or laugh at you instead.

The world is too opaque, distressing and profound.
This twenty minutes' rendezvous will make my day:
To sit here in the sun, with grackles all around,
Staring with beady eyes, and you two feet away.

-- Vikram Seth

"Vacuity..." he paused and added as an afterthought " What a pretty word". He looked out of his window and it was a beautiful day. It was warm and the sky could not have been more blue. He did have time for coffee. But emptiness filled the void. He liked it that way. Emotions made him uncomfortable. They took up his space. He glanced at the email one more time. It was tempting. He could go. A feeling of distaste for wanting rushed through him. It was best this way. He hit reply.

"Perhaps in another day and time
I wont be twenty-six and you wont be waiting
not just twenty minutes but for a lifetime
I will seek you then, I'll send you a sign
But today is mine
and mine alone to live
I am sorry I can't make it,
I'll see you on another day and time."


  • :-) Nice. And the Vikram Seth fest continues!

    Originally @ Nov 11, 2005 09:50 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:08 AM  

  • your 'answer' to vikram is very impressive.

    Originally @ Nov 11, 2005 11:02 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:09 AM  

  • For one, I don't like Vikram Seth's poetry at all. I mean not at all. But I think you have done a marvellous job of it yourself. Forget the reply thing, your piece is so lovely to read anyway. You must try to write longer poems. I insist, longer poems. You could even think of a ballad or something. That is when your rhythm will come out beautifully.

    -- Akshaya

    Originally @ Nov 13, 2005 05:18 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:09 AM  

  • ok, that was great...and ur reply's pretty good...

    Originally @ Nov 21, 2005 22:08 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:09 AM  

  • Yeah. I too like your poem, assuming that is yours which I think it is, but not Vikram Seth's. I like the thought of Vikram Seth's poem but not how he puts it. It is a personal choice nevertheless.
    I also thought vacuity is a very pretty word and stopped. Nice.

    Originally @ Nov 23, 2005 16:33 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 AM  

  • Thanks people :)

    Originally @ Dec 02, 2005 09:31 PST

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 AM  

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