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Monday, March 15, 2004

I cleaned out my closet. I am loathe to discarding things that have any sentiment attached to it. To me its like discarding the sentiment. And those few things are remnants of days that were. Things that were said and what I felt. And I will keep them. Like this teeny weeny Cotton World skirt I will never fit into again :-) ! Like this sarong that Shruti and I paid 120 Rs a piece after 1 hour of bargaining at Colaba Causeway. Heck I still have the sweater Mami gave me in 9th Std !!
Do you have any life goals he asks me. I think for a sec and say None. What are life goals by the way? Like I wanted to get married and have kid(s) and wanted to be making a certain amount by the time I was 30, he says. No, I have none like that I say. So you just want to take life as it comes ? Yeah pretty much.
The more I think about it the more convinced I am that I dont have a life goal. Not that I need one or ought to have one.. I just dont have one and I am alright with being that way. Odd !! Or maybe not.


  • Clothes!I've been lugging mine around for quite a few years now.I finally decided to get rid of them and put them in two big bags. But, this was 2 months ago, the bags are still at home. When i finally decide to give up my sentimental attachment to things i own and get rid of them, procrastination sets in. I'm doomed to live with my old stuff....arrrgh.

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  • Heh...just read some of your old archived logs. :)

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