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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Notes from Amchi Mumbai !

So I was discussing this with Shru how the word "home" can have multiple connotations when I was at the airport. A place you have lived for enough can also become home. How naive I was. Home is simply just where my heart is. And I knew the minute I landed that I was "home". There is no other home for me. Not yet :).

Bombay can change its visage but never its spirit. Not even two days since I landed and I have eaten out, travelled by bus, train and rick. Started using "Bhaiyaji" like I never stopped saying it :). Polluted and dirty and crowded and humid and hot and yet smiling and welcoming. "Yeh hai Bombay,meri Jaan ?"


  • Hey babes..happy new year ! good to hear you are having so much fun..cheers..

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