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Friday, May 21, 2004

When the ghosts caught up with me .....

Milli : Its been a long time Ragini. Where have you been ?
Me : Oh I've been here and there. Around mostly. How about you ?
Milli : We are going home next weekend. So awfully tied up with packing and stuff.
Me : Oh, wow, for how long ?
Milli : Forever ! I am going home.
Me : Oh, wow !

Milli : Hows V?
Me : Good. He lives and works in UK now.
Milli : When is he getting married ?
Me : I don't know. I got bored asking.

Chitty : Raga, its been so long. I have missed you guys.
Me : Where have u been ? What have you been up to ?
Chitty : I have a year old baby. Ishaan.

Vivek : Ragz, its been quite a while. How are you keeping ?
Me : Not too bad. Whats new with you ?
Vivek : I am moving to Switzerland in June. They offered me a job there.
Me : Nice. Congratulations.
Vivek : Now you have an address there. You must come.
Me : I will :-)


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